Here's how it works

(1) Create a list for your group.
(2) Add people to your list.
Then each user will...

Give an Update

Users give a short update of 300 characters.

We Combine Updates

Creating a collaborative, private, group newsletter.

Get the Newsletter

Everyone that gives a update, gets the newsletter.

Groups using

College Friends
They had fallen out of touch

Social Media was always hit or miss. But, with TogetherLetters they are keeping in touch on a regular basis.

Multigenerational Family
Grandparents & grandchildren

Families aren't in the same places online. Because TogetherLetters works through email, now they can stay in touch.

Work Group
Sending weekly updates

Groups share weekly updates so every person on the team knows what was completed this week.

Study Group
Sharing their learning together

In between meetings, they use TogetherLetters to share progress, ideas, and keep in touch.

Professional Groups
Busy people staying connected

They are in an elite professional group, but are busy people. They use TogetherLetters to stay in sync.

Good things groups
Updates for enouragement

This group uses TogetherLetters to share good things that are happening and encourage one another.

Frequently Asked Questions

TogetherLetters is a service that helps keep groups of people connected via a collaborative group email. Each week everyone in the newsletter list will give an update, and each week those updates are compiled into a collaborative group newsletter that keeps everyone in sync.

Getting started with TogetherLetters is easy. Here's how it works:

  1. Start by signing up for an account.
  2. Create your first list.
  3. Add contacts to your list.
  4. Those contacts will get an email, asking them to accept their invite to your TogetherLetter List.
  5. After they accept the invite, each contact will receive a request for an update once a week.
  6. After updates have been collected for 24-hours, TogetherLetters automatically combines those updates into a collaborative email newsletter.
  7. Everyone that participates in the TogetherLetter for that week will receive the collaborative group newsletter.
Yes, we believe in offering a valuable product free of charge. This helps get our software into the world, but more importantly, it provides a way to keep people better connected, for free.


Did you know that when you post on social media, only 10% of your followers see it? Considering that many of our social followers are not genuine friends, that means we remain out of touch with most of our close friends.

TogetherLetters is better than social media in two primary ways:

  1. You get consistent updates with your lists, not haphazard posts that you may or may not see.
  2. Because TogetherLetters is a closed, private list, it fosters deeper levels of communication than would typically be published on social media.

TogetherLetters co-founders consider themselves security-minded individuals. As such, TogetherLetters takes privacy very seriously. We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy here.

TogetherLetters won't share or sell private information from a user unless they are answering a question that clearly identifies that it will be used in such a manner.

Try our Free Forever Plan

TogetherLetters Free Forever plan includes unlimited lists of ten or less.

This plan is perfect for families, friends, or small work groups.