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1. Create a Group

Set up a group and invite your people to start connecting.

2. Give Updates

Your group will be asked for their updates. They won't need a log in, app, or anything!

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3. Get the Updates

We combine the updates and send them to the group in a TogetherLetter.

Leave social media platforms
without leaving your people!

TogetherLetters gives back control of who you keep up with; no more algorithms or marketing dollars directing your attention. Simple, consistent connection with your people.

TogetherLetters is great for:
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Get weekly updates from your team, keeping you on the same page, and moving projects forward.

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Professional Groups

Professionals are busy, but love to learn from one another and stay connected. TogetherLetters keeps groups learning and connected.

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Internal Newsletters

Companies use TogetherLetters as an internal company newsletter to create connections across teams.

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Families aren't in the same places online. Because TogetherLetters works through email, now they can stay in touch.

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Social media is hit or miss with your closest friends. Use TogetherLetters to connect and never miss an update.

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Study Groups

Use TogetherLetters to share progress, ideas, notes, and other information to keep everyone informed.

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Group connections that are private.

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You can't share everything on social media.

Social media can't support deep or private sharing, it wasn't built for that; TogetherLetters was.

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TogetherLetters creates private, collaborative group connections through email.

We don't collect extra data, we just facilitate connection. Private group emails help you connect on a deeper level with your people.

Break free from social media.

Stay better connected with your people while breaking free of the social media cycle.

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