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If we are lying may we be mercilessly inundated by political robocallers.
Shantel Kriss
CEO & Co-founder | Imagine Media

"I was trying to find a way to be more intentional about keeping in touch with our referral partners and Together Letters was the perfect solution. Now we chat briefly each week and share current challenges, wins and recommendations. It's been the perfect, light-weight/light-touch way to grow together and I appreciate how easy it is to use. I highly recommend it for multiple networks and communities in your life!"

Rachelle Kuramoto
VP, Brand & Content | Dragon Army

"As a distributed team, having any resource to keep pulse on how our people are doing is a gift. TogetherLetters is simple enough to keep everyone participating and the weekly update is a great reward."

Richard Makerson
CEO | BlueFletch Mobile

"TogetherLetters has been a great platform for keeping in touch with my Leadership Atlanta tribe. The ease of use in my existing email workflow makes sharing and receiving everyone's quick life updates a breeze."

Hanni Berger
CEO & Founder | JOYVIAL

"I love TogetherLetters! It’s a great way to get to know your colleagues a lot better as you hear about the things that touch their lives on a regular basis. I feel it’s helping our team grow closer together. One week I shared hardships I experienced and the next day I got a slew of emails and calls from colleagues offering their support and love. That would’ve never happened without TogetherLetters. TogetherLetters also makes me reflect on my own week which is a great way to relive the highs and lows. If you’re looking to strengthen the bond between team members, I highly recommend you use TogetherLetters."

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