A package just for you


Tell some stories - $79

Capture seven short videos

This is a great way to get started! With this package, you can capture up to seven videos that are up to three minutes each. This is a great way for a family to share stories about a loved one.

Great For:
  • Creating a tribute video for a milestone birthday
  • Family members sharing stories about a loved one that has passed

Tell more stories - $199

Capture up to 25 short videos

Let everyone tell a story about your loved one with this package. You will be surprised (in a good way) by what you learn! Capture 25 videos up to four minutes each.

Great For:
  • Memorializing someone that has passed
  • Support someone that is sick
  • Celebrating that milestone birthday or anniversary

Tell all the stories - $499

Capture up to 100 short vidoes

If you know someone with lots of friends and family, this is for them! Capture up to 100 videos that are five minutes or less. Our team will edit the videos for the very best stories and produce a final video. (you get to keep the originals as well)

Great For:
  • Retirement tributes
  • Legacy videos for family or friends
  • Tribute video for an organization

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