The Details

How does StorySafe work?

1. Choose a package & sign up

Provide information about your loved one

During signup, we ask for information about your loved one. This includes their name, a short bio, and a photo.

Keep an eye on your email

To keep things simple we will deliver everything via email, so keep an eye out!


2. Collect video stories

Using your custom webpage

24 hours after signing up, you will have a custom webpage ready to collect video stories. This page will have a unique URL to share with friends and family.

If you choose to have printed materials during the signup process, those will be emailed to you as well, and you can post those, asking people to share their stories.

Please Note: Each page provides a support form to make sure no one has trouble submitting their video.


3. Let us know you are done

Once you have all the stories, let us know

Once you are finished collecting videos from friends and family, send us an email letting us know and our team will get started on creating your final video.

Please Note: After you let us know you are done collecting videos, it takes up to 24-hours to complete your final video.


4. Get your video

Check your email

Once your video is ready, we will email you a link to download it. From there you use it as you wish.

You can:
  • Post the video on YouTube
  • Post the video on Facebook
  • Email it to friends and family

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to get a StorySafe video for your loved one, let's get started today!