A Few Words

About StorySafe

It started

With an unexpected VHS tape

On a college summer trip.

Hi, I'm Adam Walker, founder of StorySafe. One summer in college some friends and I went on a trip to the beach. As we arrived, we unpacked and got ready for some rest (and fun). It was around this time my friend said, "Hey Adam, I have this documentary I brought for us to watch!" Really? A documentary? No thanks. But, I'm a nice guy, so I sat through it, and it changed my life.

That documentary was Homeless Man, the Restless Heart of Rich Mullins. It was simple, just his friends and family telling stories about him. The stories were raw, funny, and powerful, and through those stories, Rich Mullins became on of my heros.

Imagine if no one had captured those stories? How much would have been lost? How many lives would have been changed for the worse?

I created StorySafe.co to capture those stories for everyone, not just for people with a professional video crew. This way, the stories of you, or your loved ones can live on, impacting lives.


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